About Me

Being that I'm in my last year of my undergrad and trying to figure out my plans for grad school, my life is just a little bit chaotic. Some how I usually manage to sort everything out but occasionally I need to immerse myself in something less structured and more creative :)
Sometimes that immersion manifests itself in hours in a practice room playing the piano or flute. But other times it's hunching over my desk scrapbooking.

My best friend and I have what we call "hiatus" days. We look at a map and pick a place that within about 4 hours, somewhere we can drive to and drive back from in one day. Then, we just pack up and go! This time we went to a smaller city and rode the carousel at the amusement park about 20 times. It was pretty much the most exciting thing there...

Like a lot of people, one of my biggest stress relievers is to cook or bake. I love these brownies, mint chocolate. They take forever to make because the brownie has to cool before you ice it, then the icing has to harden to put the chocolate on. Despite the time, they are sooo worth it. To toot my own horn, when I was in grade school I entered these in the fair in the adult division and won 1st place and best of show!! (I still have the obscenely big ribbon!)

Last year I spent the spring semester in Seville, Spain. These are some of my favorite pictures and places!
 La Rabida, Spain (The ship is a replica of Columbus' Pinta)

 Venice, Italy (notice the gondolier in the back, he didn't where the hat or sing, it was a disappointing 80euros, lol)

 London, England (We literally took pictures with the first phone booths we saw)


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