Thursday, February 7, 2013

Theme Day Thursday - My Cricut Craft Room

Today at My Cricut Craft Room is Theme Day Thursday and the theme is Bling!!

Now for me, I take bling to mean lots and lots of glitter!!

So for this project I wanted to try a new technique that I saw on pinterest several times. I took pieces of chipboard and glittered them with loose glitter then added dimensional glaze on top.
All the tutorials I saw said to use Judikins Diamond Glaze. Now I've never even heard of this stuff before so it took me a few stores to track it down, but eventually I found it. 
I used it on several glittered chipboard pieces. Well, it was a mess, that's why there aren't any pictures. My fingers still have the stuff all over them, especially my nails, my very pretty, very created in a salon nails. I have never had to file anything off of them before, it hasn't mattered how 'permanent' something is, it always just chips off. Not this stuff. 
So this mess was because the liquid rolled off the chipboard, literally. After several tries I ended up just smothering the letters in it. 
So while this was taking eons to dry I was thinking, 1st that everyone on pinterest lied to me, and 2nd there has got to be a better way of doing this. 
**Side note, I'm sure I really was doing something wrong, or maybe my bottle is past it's used by date, I don't know, but it was weirdly unlike any picture I saw of the process online.**
So my better way was, 1st smacking myself in the forehead because, 2nd I don't know why it didn't occur to me to just use my very favorite adhesive, Glossy Accents. 
So I did one more chipboard piece using the Glossy Accents, no spills over the side.
Also, the glossy accents one finished drying about the same time the one I used the diamond glaze on did.
This all being said, the one (oh and by one, I mean the only one that survived the flood of diamond glaze) with the diamond glaze looks a little clearer than the glossy accents. Other than the clarity the texture and finish is about the same. I wonder if you can tell which I used on which letter.
**Side note, really for use with either of these, in this type of capacity, I would recommend putting down an ink mat, or if you don't have one wax or parchment paper before using. 

Now for a quick aside about the project itself.
A few of my girl friends and I get together to play cards. Not poker, none of us can bluff when there are stakes involved, even if their pretend. So we play a more childish bluffing card game, B.S. or Cheat as some people know it. Now for us, we call it Bacon Sandwich. One of my friends heard it called that on some movie or tv show and we all thought it was funny enough that it stuck. What's harder for you to keep your composer around, someone yelling B.S. at you or someone yelling Bacon Sandwich at you. 
Anyway, I thought we could use some type of trophy for winning that time.
What's more perfect for a bunch of girls than glitter?!

It's hard to see with the light so here's a close up of the bottom, fully it reads BS Queen.

The green background and blue crown - Rock Princess Cartridge cut at 2.5 - are behind the glass.
The picture frame is from Target, their brand.
The chipboard and paper are from Hobby Lobby, their brand.
The glitter is Recollections with Judikins Diamond Glaze and Ranger Glossy Accents on them.
Queen is written in just a silver Sharpie on top of the glass. 
The pearls are from a store on Etsy called SammyBoutique.

Now, be sure to head on over to My Cricut Craft Room and see what my DT Sisters have been up to!!

Sarah Mae